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La Duree Soho – Treillage

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Seen on the New York Times today : our treillage at La Duree, in Soho- New York.

Aluminum Gate

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This project in the Caribbeans features a colorful treillage gate which is all in aluminum.

Project 1

This project demonstrates a real transformation between the first picture and the one showing the garden wall when finished.

At first, based on a specific drawing, the wall is rebuilt and the treillage against the wall applied. Finally, the outdoor furniture (vases, pedestals and planters) reinforce the instant architecture created by the trellis.

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Project 2

The pictures show the whole manufacturing process of this project. Once the drawing is done, the different parts of the treillage are produced and manufactured. The given space is originally empty. The treillage against the wall gives a real outdoor decor and a nice design. The garden is completely remodeled. 

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Project 3

In this project, the interior space is completely remodeled : the ceiling, the floor and the walls are transformed. The interior design ends up giving more space, more dimension, more light and architecture. The mirrors mixed in the treillage against the wall create more depth.

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Project 4

Treillage fencing with gate The latticework creates an elegant separation between the house and the street for more privacy.

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Project 5

Some mirrors and a blue treillage were added to the original space. The different pictures show the whole process of transformation with the drawings, the manufacturing and the installation. The indoor architecture gives a lot more space and a lot more depth.

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Project 6

This project show a decorative treillage on a terrace with mirrors. The outside area was originally simple and empty with an old wall. The treillage, with the planters create an outdoor decor. The mirrors give much more depth to the outside space. The terrace is turned into a nice and cosy area.

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Project 7

This is another example of decorative treillage on a balcony. The balcony appears brand new, with a real decor and a real architecture. A big transformation can be noticed in comparison with the original look.

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